Mountain Cloud Farm                

As stewards of the land, we here at Mountain Cloud Farm are committed to growing high quality tasty vegetables, soul lifting cut flowers and raising healthy, free ranging animals using beyond organic methods.

"From Clark Fork to your Fork!"

 This year we are in our third growing season and after a successful 2015 we are excited to continue selling through a CSA and our local farmers' market! Currently we have 1 acre in vegetable production and 1 acre dedicated to fruit trees and brambles. We are a no till farm and hand cultivate all garden beds. Although we are not certified organic our growing practices go above and beyond the organic requirements. We focus on growing open pollinated and heirloom varieties and absolutely NO GMO'S. We build our soil health and biodiversity by using our own animal manures and with the use of cover crops and crop rotation. We seek to minimize our environmental impact and to grow affordable produce while also making our living from the land.

Our animals include Dexter cows, American Blackbelly and Dorper sheep, Sable and Nubian milking goats, Boar cross meat goats, Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs, Bourben Red turkeys, numerous heritage chickens, horses and of course cats and many dogs. Please see the appropriate pages for pricing on
vegetables and meat products.

As of spring 2016, we have constructed two high tunnels; a 30x48 movable tunnel and a 30x96 stationary. Established over 150 raised garden beds. Have an impressive array of raspberries and strawberries varieties in the ground. Along with having planted over 100 fruit trees from our favorite nurseries; St. Lawrence, Fedco and Burnt Ridge, which included an assortment of apricot, apple, cherry, pear and plum trees.. 

This summer we are working with our local
NRCS  (natural resources conservation services) representatives again to build more cross fencing for better pasture management and to assemble another movable greenhouse for more vegetable growing.  Other projects include building a walk in cooler, a barn for hay storage and a work shop built with strawbale construction! There is also an awesome line up of volunteers for the summer and we are excited to have the opportunity to help inspire some future farmers! And of course a big thank you to all our volunteers from the 2015 season,


If you would like to contact us for veggies, eggs, meat, a farm tour or about our internship program please give us a call or send us an email.
You can also find us on Local Harvest, Attra (national sustainable agriculture information  service) and WWOOF (world wide opportunities on organic farms).

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